Professional Development Solutions for a Busy Schedule

busy With a hectic schedule that pulls in every direction, it can be difficult for people to fit in classes and trainings that improve job prospects. Salt Lake Community College’s partnership with ed2go lets people make professional training work with their schedules. These online certificate programs help people develop the skills necessary to enhance their résumés, or advance in their careers.

From business and leadership courses, computer training, educator training and healthcare courses, there are options that range across a number of areas and can help professionals at all skill levels.

For administrative professionals seeking training for Microsoft Office certification exams, people taking on new graphic design or web management responsibilities in their positions, grant writers and managers, professional development is just a few clicks away.

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the state of Utah. According to Labor Insight, there were over 14,000 jobs posted in the IT industry in 2016, many seeking skills available through ed2go online training programs.

For people looking to advance with their current company, or seeking better employment, online training courses and certifications provide excellent professional development opportunities when time is stretched thin.

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