Ethical Hacking to Protect a Company

Protect your business by employing a certified ethical hacker.
An individual trained in ethical hacking can save businesses by providing security for their networks, data and other computer applications.


A Certified Ethical Hacker knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems, and uses the same tools that a malicious hacker might use, but applies them to businesses and organizations in defense against security attacks on their systems, regardless of the vendor, technologies or equipment.

Students who complete the Certified Ethical Hacking course, and ultimately pass the certifying exam, learn the best ways to manage information security for their organization. Students learn to scan, test, hack and secure their systems which provides an approach to solving security issues in every instance.

In this course students learn key issues that affect information security, processes for incident management, and ways to test for security gaps and then learn the best ways to address those issues by learning to think like a hacker.

People certified in ethical hacking can provide companies with the security they need to know that their networks and information are safe. This certification is beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their résumés, or as a professional development option for IT departments within a company.

SLCC’s next Ethical Hacking course, which provides the CEH credential, runs March 27 through April 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. and costs $1200. Interested students or businesses should contact Joe Fox at 801-957-5221.

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