Four Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Employees in discussion
Professional development can make employees feel valued.

Appreciation can go a long way in helping boost employee morale and maintaining a positive workforce. There are a number of elements that contribute to an employee feeling valued within an organization, and while renumeration and benefits certainly tops the list, providing other avenues of support shows members of your team that their contributions add to your group’s overall success. Recognized contributions = feeling valued = boosted morale = positive, productive workforce. Here are four ways you can show employee appreciation:

  1. Professional Development. If an employee shows talent or interest in an area outside their professional wheelhouse, find ways to help them cultivate that interest. Help them seek out mentors, provide funding for training courses, let them practice the skill as they develop it. You may find your accountant to be a whiz at web development, or a machinist who becomes a great HR manager.
  2. Promote from within. Much like professional development, creating opportunities for employees to see pathways to career growth within a business shows an organization’s dedication to seeing an employee’s success. A company that works hard to retain and promote their own employees is one where employee’s feel valued.
  3. Praise in public. Take every opportunity to recognize the good work of your employees. While this obviously means letting your employees know that they are doing a good job, and highlighting specific accomplishments, take the time to praise their accomplishments to your supervisors, and colleagues–while the effects might not be immediate, the long-term results will play out in ways that create a culture of supportive trust.
  4. Say thank you. Say it often. Recognize that people feel gratitude in different ways, so take the time to write the occasional handwritten note, send an email or sit down for a few minutes for a brief chat. Lead the way in saying thank you for small things and don’t let large tasks go unnoticed.

Save providing funding for professional development opportunities, these simple ways of showing appreciation do very little to one’s bottom line, but can provide a significant increase in making an employee feel valued in an organization.

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